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Bring Back Ole Ross Perot’s Charts and Graphs… Campaign Slogans, Sound Bites and Graphics

Bring Back Ole Ross Perot’s Charts and Graphs… Campaign Slogans, Sound Bites and Graphics

Many of you may not remember Ross Perot. He was the original Donald Trump, a business man who ran an independent campaign for president back in 1992. Some of his planks included: balancing the federal budget, opposition to gun control, ending the outsourcing of jobs and enacting electronic direct democracy via “electronic town halls”.

Ross PerotWhile I did not vote for Ross, I really admired his candidacy. He used techniques that were so simple, yet so powerful in communicating his message to the American voter. He used graphs and charts to lay out and explain his positions and policies. Voters could grasp data, interpret results, and come to a conclusion. Agree or not, the voter could see for themselves where Ross was coming from and decide whether he was the right candidate for them.

Why is this important? In this 2016 election year, our candidates use of mass and social media is critical in grabbing our imagination on how to “Make America Great Again”, or why we need to “Change America”, but not so good at helping to explain details behind the slogans. On each of the candidate’s websites, I saw pages and pages of words and sound bites, and nary a graph or chart to be found! You would think that in this day and age of great graphic packages that the candidates would use a chart or two to visually communicate and educate voters on the data that drives their programs, and provides metrics for expected results.

Maybe it is time for today’s candidates to take a page from ole Ross Perot and go beyond the sound bite and show us via the power of the well thought out graphic why we should vote for them.

At the Launch Advisory Team, we back up our sound bites and our launch recommendations with solid data, metrics, and a few well thought out graphs and charts of our own. Should we not expect the same from our presidential candidates?


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