Your Brand: An Invitation, Advertisement and Guarantee

Your Brand: An Invitation, Advertisement and Guarantee. . . Brand Expectations Management

I seldom have Kentucky Fried Chicken, but when I do, I know what to expect, and I enjoy the change from my usual fast food preferences. Presentation of the product is part of my brand experience.

KFC’s chicken pizza ‘Chizza’ comes with a bitter side-serving of expectations vs. reality

Presentation is Branding


A brand experience is not a mirror that reflects back a corporate look and/or the latest trend in feel good pop culture. It is a window into values that explain who a company is and how the company wants to be perceived by, customers, friends, followers, investors, and other businesses. It reveals what is important to, and how a company differentiates itself from every other company on this planet. The window is an open invitation, an advertisement and a guarantee all rolled up in  clearly defined statements, looks, and/or actions.  

Just one bad experience may cause a loss of a loyal customer, which no business/brand no matter the size can afford to take for granted…For KFC and others, the solution is impart tied to building and training brand message consistency at all levels of the organization from the bottom to the top and visa versa.



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