The Launch Advisory Team launches ” One Branding Rule program . . .

We only have one branding rule . . .

Brandscape™ Specialists: Breaking the Rules

Branding Guru

Richard Smith: Launch Advisor Team Branding Guru

Richard Smith, formally of ImageSmith Inc. leads the Launch Advisory Team of Brandscape™ specialists, in launching and/or developing brands by transforming great concepts and impressive ideas into real life engagement and valued customer relationships.

Richard says “There is only one branding rule that counts, Maximize Your Brand To Maximize Your Sales. Don’t spend another dollar on branding if it does not increase buying behaviors.”

Here’s  how . . .

Our Brand Program:
We assess how your brand stacks up to the 7 critical factors of brand image and identity using a tool we call the Brandscape Window™.  The Window is made up of 4 panes, prompting the measurement of answers to 4 basic questions:

1) Is your brand messaging compelling?
2) Is your brand meaningfully differentiated?
3) How is it perceived?
4) Does your brand deliver on its promise?

Low scores, in one or more “panes,” will negatively impact your brand, market share, and revenues. Once the analysis is complete, the team develops and implements a plan to create a new brand and/or creatively tweak your current one. We then use the measurements above as metrics to track success and/or course correct for greater brand effectiveness. 


The Launch Advisory Team professionals have worked to create and/or “tweak” some of the most famous brands including:  Becton Dickinson, Johnson & Johnson, C. R. Bard, Endologix, Stryker Orthopaedics, Ortho Biotech, Enterex, Quest Diagnostics, Ansell Healthcare, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, Chubb, Time-Warner, Penguin, & many more.

If we can “create and/or tweak” their brand, imagine what we can do for yours!

Tony Spadaro
President Launch Advisory Team

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