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15 New Strategies in 15 Seconds, Help for Brain Freeze

15 New Strategies in 15 Seconds, Help for Brain Freeze

New strategies in 15 seconds

Tricks of the Trade # 101,

If you are locked in a Brain Freeze and need a marketing strategy, but can’t come up with a winning solution, sometimes it helps to just “google it”. Sometimes you simply need a fresh perspective, often a few keystrokes away. Here are 15 strategies I found in 15 seconds. Check them out.

When you need a strategy that goes beyond a few key strokes than google the Launch Advisory Team!

15 Marketing Strategies That Inspire Strategic Thinker

Marketing Strategies

15 Marketing Strategies That Inspire Strategic Thinkers



“There Is More To Content Writing, Than Writing Content”

“There Is More To Content Writing, Than Writing Content”

richard-and-name-in-whiteRichard Smith, Launch Advisory Team (LAT) communications expert, says, “Content should be interesting, fresh, and relevant. The truth is, whether writing a traditional journal ad, or a blog, or content in a video, or white paper or advertisement in the paper, good content is created in 3D: Define your customer/target market, Develop your strategy, and Deliver a plan that implements your strategy and measure results”.

The LAT 3D Approach:

Define your customer/target market
Great content is all about understanding who your customer is. Create a customer profile for each targeted customer segment. The profile should define their needs, what it is that they value and their relationship to your company and your competitors.

Develop your strategy
The customer profile is the key to developing your content strategy. Your strategy should focus on that which is most relevant to your targeted customer. Prioritize content to customer segments that are predicted to yield the best return on investment.

Deliver a plan that implements your content strategy and monitors results Documenting your strategy in a clear concise plan is essential for successful implementation. The plan should define the target audience, the message, type of content and a metric that can be used to determine the success of your program. Metrics may include, number of participants in a webinar, click through rates, number of video views, etc. Ultimately, the only metric that really counts is whether or not your content strategy increases sales or not.

Content is created to nurture those relationships that lead customers to perceived value and eventual sales. Great content doesn’t just happen, it is researched, planned and implemented.

Whether you are currently marketing and/or starting a new business, launching a new product or service, the Launch Advisory Team develops content that is carefully crafted based on the 3D approach.

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Richard Smith

Member of the Launch Advisory Team
Formally Founder and President of Imagesmith, INC, a healthcare marketing communications firm and is currently Co-Founder of Virdia LLC, a sales and marketing consulting services firm specializing in the healthcare industry.

Tricks of the Trade . . . Data Driven Gut Check,  Data on the Cheap!

Tricks of the Trade . . . Data Driven Gut Check, Data on the Cheap!

gut 3The old “Back of the Envelope” calculation is the gut check that can either validate your next strategic move, or it can give you pause for concern. It is the culmination of knowledge, experience, data and intuition. It is not a guess.

Key to doing a gut check calculation is the availability of data on hand.

You can buy industry reports from a seemingly infinite number of sources. Many of them are very good, But what if you want to independently verify existing market data, trends and/or drill down to achieve greater understanding of your desired segment? What options are available?

You would be surprised at what you can do given a few hours and a zero dollar budget. There are a number of free data sources that will often shed light on almost any market.

One source available to anyone who can punch a key board is the US government. It is amazing how much data the US government collects and makes available free of charge. Many of the Launch Advisory Team clients are in the life science industries. They are often interested in demand curves based on medical procedural statistics.

We often get great data by simply searching through the following government agency web sites.

Other sources of free information include the many and varied professional websites. Simply search the professional segments that you are interested in learning about. These sites may have the most up-to-date information regarding best practices, quantitative facts, trends and technologies.

Let’s say you need to get a few quick statistics regarding US Hospitals? Check out Or, perhaps you are interested in the number and types of plastic surgeries. Go to

Professional websites may have links to professional peer reviewed publications that can provide all sorts of relevant information used for market sizing, segmentation, and obtaining specific focused data of interest. Publication references may lead you to data that might be extremely helpful.

Getting the data for your gut check may not be as time consuming as you think, especially if you have a little time and/or an intern who knows how to search the internet.

But, what if you have neither the time nor the intern? That’s where we come in! We are Launch Advisory Team . . . we’ll get you the data and do the analysis.

Bring Back Ole Ross Perot’s Charts and Graphs… Campaign Slogans, Sound Bites and Graphics

Bring Back Ole Ross Perot’s Charts and Graphs… Campaign Slogans, Sound Bites and Graphics

Many of you may not remember Ross Perot. He was the original Donald Trump, a business man who ran an independent campaign for president back in 1992. Some of his planks included: balancing the federal budget, opposition to gun control, ending the outsourcing of jobs and enacting electronic direct democracy via “electronic town halls”.

Ross PerotWhile I did not vote for Ross, I really admired his candidacy. He used techniques that were so simple, yet so powerful in communicating his message to the American voter. He used graphs and charts to lay out and explain his positions and policies. Voters could grasp data, interpret results, and come to a conclusion. Agree or not, the voter could see for themselves where Ross was coming from and decide whether he was the right candidate for them.

Why is this important? In this 2016 election year, our candidates use of mass and social media is critical in grabbing our imagination on how to “Make America Great Again”, or why we need to “Change America”, but not so good at helping to explain details behind the slogans. On each of the candidate’s websites, I saw pages and pages of words and sound bites, and nary a graph or chart to be found! You would think that in this day and age of great graphic packages that the candidates would use a chart or two to visually communicate and educate voters on the data that drives their programs, and provides metrics for expected results.

Maybe it is time for today’s candidates to take a page from ole Ross Perot and go beyond the sound bite and show us via the power of the well thought out graphic why we should vote for them.

At the Launch Advisory Team, we back up our sound bites and our launch recommendations with solid data, metrics, and a few well thought out graphs and charts of our own. Should we not expect the same from our presidential candidates?

McDonald’s is quietly testing a huge change that everyone is underestimating

McDonald’s is quietly testing a huge change that everyone is underestimating

A move to fresher ingredients places McDonald’s in line with industry trends for quality over value. The promise of fresher beef for faster service begs to ask the questions; how fast is fast enough, and does it make a difference anyway? Taken into perspective, this move may not necessarily translate into fast food differentiation. While I enjoy a “Mickey D’s” burger and fries as much as the next guy my age, my 12-year-old would much prefer to go to Panera . . . . This n=1 sample may be well worth the industries attention. 


Microsoft is using ‘malware tactics’ to trick people into upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft is using ‘malware tactics’ to trick people into upgrading to Windows 10

The best way to lose your credibility and market share is to burn your customers. Burned not once, but twice! The first time I upgraded to Windows 10 intentionally. The second time I felt I was tricked into upgrading. Both times resulted in significant problems and lost productivity. In this day of social engagement and transparency, what marketing department thinks that this launch strategy is acceptable? . . . Perhaps one where the power of the brand and internal thinking is left unchallenged.

6 Steps To Product Launch Success

6 Steps To Product Launch Success

Just 6 easy steps! Yet, 95% of new products fail because nobody wants them, and/or nobody knows about them. Not exactly a stunning revelation, but the truth of this statement is undeniable. Perhaps the single greatest step one can take to assure success is to view their product from an outside perspective. Look out to market, the customer and competition and compare the value delivered vs all others. Doing this can be a daunting process. That’s where we come in, The Launch Advisory Team.

Why Corporate America Needs a Fad-Free Management Diet

Why Corporate America Needs a Fad-Free Management Diet

I think the article misses an important point. Many of the so-called “fads” provide management and employees with an avenue for a much-needed change in perspective and an opportunity for personal growth. When adopting the latest fad for a group or company, keep an open mind and allow your stakeholders to choose the leanings that work best for them.

How Millennial Car Buying Habits Differ From Other Generations

How Millennial Car Buying Habits Differ From Other Generations

The market is speaking again. I am not sure any generation will wait 20 minutes to test drive a car if they wanted one. In a sample size of 2, I found that I was off and test driving a vehicle in less than 10 minutes after I requested one. I am not sure this buying habit can be segmented according to generation. We all want and appreciate fast, honest service. Dealerships who provide this win over those who don’t.


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