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Tony Spadaro is president and founder of the Launch Advisory Team. Tony has recruited an international team of world class business leaders recognized for outstanding performance in launching and growing businesses, products and services in North America and globally. Each member has a unique set of qualifications that provide a variety of solutions for marketing, business, business development, startup, public economic development, communications, social media, operational excellence and much more.


Tony provides lead consulting services and assembles a team of supporting experts according to client needs. The team works with you using a 3-stage process scaled to your needs. They validate launch strategies, focus on the potential issues and opportunities and provide recommendations and strategies for success.


Marketing Business Consultants New York

Tony Spadaro

President and Founder

Tony brings over 30 years of experience in business, marketing, launching products, market research and sales. He is skilled in upstream business and market development activities, identification and analysis of new market opportunities, product launch, sales development, and training. Additionally, experience as a successful research immuno chemist gives Tony a scientific perspective on product development and launch activities.


As President of the Launch Advisory Team, Tony provides lead consulting services and is responsible for content and quality. Tony assembles a team of supporting experts as client needs require.

Richard Smith -

Formally Founder and President of Imagesmith, INC, a healthcare marketing communications firm and is currently Co-Founder of Virdia LLC, a sales and marketing consulting services firm specializing in the healthcare industry.

Peter Gregory -

Currently, Visiting Professor of Business at Mary Mount College and President and Founder of Bright Garden LLC. Peter is experienced in providing leadership in areas of business and product development, lean startup and resource partnering. He has a proven track record in public and university economic development initiatives. Additionally he is experienced in global business development with a focus on Asia Pacific countries.

Tony Kosinski -

General Manager with significant worldwide business experience in Combination Drug / Device Products and Medical Devices.   Expertise in driving new product introductions, stabilizing & growing existing businesses, and integrating and divesting product lines.

Tina Marshall -

Founder and Director at Creating Sense Ltd, Oxford, England. Tina leverages her experience leading Global Marketing functions for Medical device and software organizations, to help all businesses access the same skill and experience of a large corporation, giving them the competitive edge, at a fraction of the cost. 


Jonathan Titus -

Principle and Founder of Titus Web Design. Jonathan specializes website development, SEO and creative design. He is very detailed oriented and takes quality time to work with clients and address their business concerns to best meet their needs. In addition to designing clear and focused strategies, researching clients’ businesses is a crucial step to ensure their website will stand out from competitors.

Andy Tymkiw -

Andrew brings over 25 years of industry experience in global life sciences. He has managed multinational operations in US, Europe, Central America and Asia and has built, acquired and divested numerous business platforms and operating sites in support of domestic and international market strategies. His in-depth knowledge of medical device regulations enables him to work closely in structuring compliant product development programs, quality management systems, regulatory approval plans and operational controls on the premise of streamlining design for manufacturability and embedding quality across organizations for speed to market. His insights into cardiovascular, structural heart, aesthetics, respiratory and surgical disciplines linked with a track record for harmonizing product development through best in class supply, bring practical expertise and confidence for positioning companies toward rapid growth.


Tony Spadaro is also the founder and president of Round The Mark Marketing, LLC (RTM). Round The Mark Marketing, is a firm dedicated to increasing marketing and business effectiveness through innovative approaches and programs aimed at growing client revenues. RTM gives you the creativity and service of a large consulting firm, with the care and enthusiasm associated with in-house marketing functions. By using the latest techniques to assess the market, the customer and the product, Round the Mark Marketing develops strategies and tactics that help establish the best course of action your business. RTM provides you with marketing and business services when and where you needed it. When the job is done, so are they… until the next time you need them.

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