“There Is More To Content Writing, Than Writing Content”

“There Is More To Content Writing, Than Writing Content”

richard-and-name-in-whiteRichard Smith, Launch Advisory Team (LAT) communications expert, says, “Content should be interesting, fresh, and relevant. The truth is, whether writing a traditional journal ad, or a blog, or content in a video, or white paper or advertisement in the paper, good content is created in 3D: Define your customer/target market, Develop your strategy, and Deliver a plan that implements your strategy and measure results”.

The LAT 3D Approach:

Define your customer/target market
Great content is all about understanding who your customer is. Create a customer profile for each targeted customer segment. The profile should define their needs, what it is that they value and their relationship to your company and your competitors.

Develop your strategy
The customer profile is the key to developing your content strategy. Your strategy should focus on that which is most relevant to your targeted customer. Prioritize content to customer segments that are predicted to yield the best return on investment.

Deliver a plan that implements your content strategy and monitors results Documenting your strategy in a clear concise plan is essential for successful implementation. The plan should define the target audience, the message, type of content and a metric that can be used to determine the success of your program. Metrics may include, number of participants in a webinar, click through rates, number of video views, etc. Ultimately, the only metric that really counts is whether or not your content strategy increases sales or not.

Content is created to nurture those relationships that lead customers to perceived value and eventual sales. Great content doesn’t just happen, it is researched, planned and implemented.

Whether you are currently marketing and/or starting a new business, launching a new product or service, the Launch Advisory Team develops content that is carefully crafted based on the 3D approach.

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Richard Smith

Member of the Launch Advisory Team
Formally Founder and President of Imagesmith, INC, a healthcare marketing communications firm and is currently Co-Founder of Virdia LLC, a sales and marketing consulting services firm specializing in the healthcare industry.


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